The Two Week Wait!

The Two week wait!!

That horrible two weeks between Ovulation and your next period (or hopefully not!).

We cant help and we all do, go mental and symptom spot from a few days after ovulation hoping to find some symptoms that will lead us to believe we have made a baby this month!
I didnt except to have symptoms, nor did I expect to turn into one of those crazy ladies counting down the days till I can pee on a stick!

BUT, I was one of those ladies and Ive compiled a list a day to day symptoms for you all to look at.

0-3Days past ovulation- NOTHING
4 DPO – Sharp pain in uterus area on and off for a few hours.
5 DPO – Extreme fatigue, boobs feeling a little achey
6DPO – Extreme fatigue, boobs definitely aching and a few headaches throughout the day
7DPO – Extreme Fatigue, boobs are heavy, headaches and possibly coming down with a cold?
8DPO – Extreme Fatigue, Nipples are tender, headaches, definitely have a cold now
9DPO – Extreme Fatigue, Nipples very tender, headaches, cold and feeling a bit queasy

Those two weeks can be a horrible time for many women, what do you do to keep you distracted?

Did you have any of these symptoms leading to a BFP?

Thanks for reading


The big “O”

The big “O”

OVULATION, yes that time all of the month all women TTC look forward to.

2015 Is baby making year for us, after talking about it on and off since the birth of  our son 3 years ago, we decided now was a good time to start trying!
I read in a few forums about people drinking Raspberry leaf tea the month they got their BFP, so willing to try anything I grabbed myself some tea and downed a few glasses every day leading up to ovulation. I was advised to stop drinking this straight after ovulation has occurred.


Ovulation happened and I mean noticeably happened!
I had clear egg white like discharge for a few days and had cramping in my right ovary.
Obviously the other half and I had lots of fun on those days 😛

Ive never really given to much thought about ovulation before, do you have noticeable ovulation symptoms every month?

Has anyone else tried the raspberry leaf tea and gotten their positive that month?

Thanks for reading

Hello world!

Welcome, naysbeautifulworld is going to be a public journal of my life, most importantly about conception, pregnancy, birth and BEYOND!
phew that was a mouthful

Ill be sharing my experiences, tips, joys and possible heartbreaks with you, I want to put it out there so other beautiful people going through the same thing have a place to chat and share their stories.

Welcome x